Grand Pointe has some of the most luxury homes that Gulf Breeze has to offer. Although, not located in “Gulf Breeze Proper”, it is a short ride through the National Seashore and the traffic light makes for easy to make your way into this community.

The homeowners association is active in the community and participates in various fund-raisers for charity. There are social events for different holidays and just summer afternoons when groups are gathered in cul-de-sacs. This community is so connected that it has a newsletter called the Grand Pointe Gazette where newcomers are announced and welcomed into the neighborhood. There is a list of homeowners with their addresses and phone numbers and ages and gender of their children to arrange play dates for younger kids or couples can also call for a babysitter and enjoy a romantic dinner and movie out.

The Grand Pointe neighborhood is nearly built out. However, there are a few vacant lots available, and sometimes job changes cause a home to go on the market, so keep your eyes open. If this sounds like the neighborhood for you, Les is able to put you on a prospective buyer list on the Multiple Listing Service.