Scenic Highway Homes for Sale

Scenic Highway homes are on the peak exhibition along the Florida coastline. Moss draped oak trees, and spectacular views of Escambia Bay shows the aviance of the culture in our city.

The eleven mile stretch of Scenic Highway runs along the eastern perimeter of both the city of Pensacola extending from Highway 90 to Bayou.

With Chimney Park located at the intersection of Scenic Highway and Langley is you can see the historical landmarks that along the coast as you take a leisurely drive. This park preserves the remains of a brick chimney that was once part of a steam power plant destroyed by the Confederate army when they evacuated Pensacola in 1862. Exchange Park on southern Scenic Highway has thirteen acres of sports facilities as well as picnic tables and covered shelters.

The neighborhoods on Scenic Hwy provide easy access to Cordova Mall and a multitude of other shopping venues, as well as the beaches. If you’re looking for convenience and easy access to everything this is where you would want to live.