As the weather warms up, more families are starting to look forward to getting outside of the home to have some fun or just relax in the sun. And while a vacation may seem like the ultimate goal, most people find that by creating a better outdoor living area, they can have even more fun “homecationing” in their own yards. 

There are numerous projects that you can do to add some fun and recreation to your yard. The following 5 projects can help you maximize your space, improve your property, and increase your enjoyment of your space with the good weather.

Patio: Affordable and Versatile

When you think about your outdoor living area, your patio should be home base. Patios are one of the most versatile things to add to your yard in terms of enjoyment and use, as well as style and appearance. 

Your patio can be covered or open, have a fire pit or fireplace for gathering around in the evenings, host a grill and table, or be the base for a pool deck. You can even add bigger projects to the patio itself, like a hot tub, pergola, or outdoor kitchen. Basically, adding a patio adds a blank slate to your yard that can give you endless ways to customize it to your needs. Start with leveling and adding some pavers, then add furniture, lights, and a gathering place such as a fire pit or picnic table to start using the area right away. 

Project cost: Most homeowners spend around $4,000 for a living room-sized patio of 12 x 18 feet made of stamped pavers.

Pool: Perfect for Kids and Hot Climates

If you’re planning on staying home all summer, a swimming pool may be a good investment. Pools can be tricky, as a large, inground pool needs a lot of space while an above ground pool doesn’t add a lot to your home’s value. 

However, any pool can add a great way to cool off on a hot summer’s day, and can give you a way to relax and have some fun. Pools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can add an inflatable pool that’s big enough to cool off in just for the summer or you can go further and add a small inground pool like a plunge pool or an endless pool that will give you the chance to cool off without taking up your whole yard. 

Project cost: The cost of building a pool varies greatly depending on the type of pool you choose. Above-ground inflatable pools start at $200, while you would pay around $20,000 for a plunge pool and $29,000 for an endless pool.  

Court: for Sports Lovers

If you’re a sports-minded family and you want to use your yard to play regularly, consider adding a sports court to your yard. Many basketball court materials can be used to create a more generic sports court – you can install hoops for a true basketball court, or put up a volleyball net or other game materials to get more use out of the space.
Sports courts don’t require landscaping or a lot of maintenance, which can be attractive for homeowners that want to use their space, but don’t want to spend a lot of time watering, fertilizing, and caring for it in the long term.

Project cost: Installing a full-sized basketball court costs around $30,000. For a more affordable option, you can have a half-court over concrete for $15,000.

Deck: for Enjoyment and Increased Home Value

Decks are a great addition to any home. Decks give you a place to relax, gather, entertain, cook, eat, and more. Decks are also incredibly versatile – they can be a low wooden platform on a one-story home or an elevated backyard oasis on a larger property. Wood decks also have a fairly good ROI, so you’re not only increasing your enjoyment in your property, you’re also increasing its value at the same time. 

Think about what things you would do on the deck before building to get the most out of the project. A deck built for entertaining might include a gas fire pit, built in benches, and a bar, while a deck made for the family might include a table, shade, and some built in swings underneath. 

Project cost: Homeowners usually spend $17,200 to $19,000 for a 16′ x 20′ composite deck.

Front Porch: for Trendy Curb Appeal 

One of the biggest trends of the last few years has been the farmhouse. The modern farmhouse has commanded great prices at time of resale and has everyone clamoring for one. One of the things that every farmhouse needs and that helps make the style is the extra wide front porch. The front porch not only helps create the look of a farmhouse, it’s also practical and highly sought after for its use. The porch enhances your entry to the home, gives you a place to relax and unwind on beautiful spring mornings and long summer evenings, and is often big enough to fit the whole family along with furniture and a porch swing. Adding a front porch will add utility and enjoyment to any home, farmhouse or not. 

Project cost: Homeowners spend around $21,440 to build a porch.

Enhance Your Home and Your Enjoyment this Season

These outdoor projects will not only increase your property’s appearance and value, they’ll also increase your enjoyment in being at home. Whatever your family’s idea of a good time is, it’s possible to add things to your home that can help you achieve your goals. Consider tackling one of these 5 projects and get more from your homecation. 

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