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Whether on the mainland in Escambia County or on Pensacola Beach, residential homes can be found on the Emerald Coast that fit almost any budget. Are you a young family looking for a starter home, or retired on a budget and want a small house that will not require much maintenance? There is a place for you and we can help you find it.

What First-Time Buyers Need to Know

If you are considering purchasing a new home, then you probably know now is the best time to buy.  In fact, we haven’t seen such unbelievable opportunities for buyers in fifteen years!  But there are a lot of details that people may not realize.  To help you achieve success during this process and end up with the perfect home, at a great price, in the best location, and at a great interest rate – there are some things that we feel you should know before starting.

Here are some questions that we will consider together

  • How much can you afford for a home
  • How much money you may need as a down payment
  • What kind of mortgage can I qualify for
  • Resources to secure a home with little or nothing down
  • What it takes to get approved for financing
  • What banks and other financial institutions are looking for
  • Estimate how much your home payments will be
  • Understand the tax advantages of home buying
  • Understanding the purchase contract and your obligations
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Obtaining a home inspection
  • How to handle repairs to be made before and after closing
  • Shopping for insurance
  • Organizing your move
  • Is renting or buying a home, the better option for you

Tell me about your situation then I will get right back to you. There is no charge for this information and no obligation to buy.

Are you new to the home buying process? Tell me your concerns, ask us questions, it is my job to help you. There is no obligation, and I promise to get back quickly with answers. You can call (850)516-4771 or email me at les@pensacolaflrealestate.com